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What makes a great application?
What makes a great application?
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We have received thousands of applications, and realized that a vast majority of rejections happen because the applications aren't complete or have incorrect links, making it impossible for us to see your work. Here are the top tips on what makes a great application.

  1. You filled all the fields accurately — please read the application carefully

  2. You joined our Discord, Telegram, and followed Sloika on Twitter

  3. You have a consistent portfolio on your website or social media (not random snapshots)

  4. You have a clear Twitter bio — who you are, where are you from, your linktree link, your portfolio, etc.

  5. You wrote a short and easy to read the description in your application (ie: if you write 10 paragraphs and provide 10 links to individual images → not so good)

  6. If you provide a link to a folder of images, you have set shared permission for anyone to view

  7. You share with us what you intend to mint on Sloika, not what you've already minted on other NFT platforms

  8. If you have been in the NFT space for a few months, it’s great to show some early sales on Opensea, etc.

  9. You do not have too many unsold pieces on Opensea or Foundation, or minted way above what the market can handle (ie: you have 50 pieces in your Opensea account and just 1-3 sold → doesn’t look good)

  10. You check the application to be sure all links and social tags are accurate

  11. You have read and understood our onboarding process

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