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How do I send (airdrop) Sloika NFTs to another wallet?
How do I send (airdrop) Sloika NFTs to another wallet?
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Airdrop is an action where you send an NFT to someone else without the need to purchase it. Airdrops are usually done as a thank you to a collector — for example, if someone acquired an NFT, you can airdrop a behind-the-scenes video as a complementary item to go along with it. Many artists reward their collectors with such airdrops, however, it’s important to do it with purpose and let collectors know about that in advance (an unwanted airdrop can be perceived as spam, and deleting such an item costs gas).

You can send a Sloika-minted NFT to another address using any third-party tool that can transfer an NFT (ERC721). Here are some common options:

At the moment, there is no native interface to send NFTs on Sloika.

How do I send (airdrop) an NFT using Rainbow wallet?

If you already have an NFT you want to airdrop in your wallet, you can simply use any of the wallet apps (such as Rainbow) to select that NFT and send it to the desired address.

You will need to pay a gas fee, but usually it is fairly low.

To complete the airdrop, open the app (we'd use Rainbow for this example), scroll down to your Collectibles, select an NFT you want to airdrop, and tap "Send". In the "Send to" field, enter the wallet address (it's a good idea to double-check or copy-paste the wallet), and tap "Review", where you can see the cost of the transfer. If everything is correct, tap and hold to send.

If you are just thinking about an airdrop, you can choose to mint extra photo or two in your Sloika photo series (under same contract and same token — something that is desirable by many collectors), and choose to not sell these photos reserved for an airdrop.

Another way to make an airdrop is to put a photo on OpenSea and transfer it to the collector. That would cost about $3-10 if gas is reasonably low.

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