Burning Sloika-minted NFTs

Sloika-minted NFTs are real on-chain NFTs; however, you can delete them by sending a "burn" command.

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You can delete (burn) your Sloika-minted NFTs, as long as they are in your possession. Burned NFTs disappear from Sloika and other marketplaces; however, a record of their existence (and burning) will persist on the blockchain.

Burning NFTs will cost a gas fee approximately equal to the cost of an NFT transfer; however, you can save some fees if you plan on burning multiple NFTs at once.

How do I burn a Sloika-minted NFT?

Sloika does not have a native interface for burning NFTs at this time. We recommend using Etherscan instead:

  1. Head over to the Etherscan page for your NFT series.

  2. Click on "Contract", then on "Write as proxy."
    💁 Can't find your series' contract on Etherscan? "Write as Proxy" tab missing? Check out Interacting with your Sloika smart contract on Etherscan.

  3. Click on "Connect with web3" to connect your wallet.

  4. Find and expand the "burn" section.

  5. Enter the token ID of the token you'd like to burn.

  6. Click "Write" and confirm the transaction in your wallet software.

  7. Once the transaction completes, your token will have been burnt.

How do I burn multiple Sloika-minted NFTs?

We plan to release a batch token burn tool on the Sloika platform in September 2022. Please message us at [email protected] to be notified when it becomes available.

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