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What are the advantages of Sloika smart contract?
What are the advantages of Sloika smart contract?
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There are many advantages of Sloika smart contract:

Own token

You have a token name, so it’s easier to search and see whose work it is. There are millions of tokens minted on OpenSea, Foundation or SuperRare shared contracts.

Verified contract

The contract is verified on Etherscan, meaning the exact code was uploaded to verify it, and everyone can review, analyze or check the code for validity and security. Some of the biggest marketplaces unfortunately do not have verification on Etherscan.

Custom royalty

You can designate your own royalty percentage, don’t settle for the “default”. Many platforms lock you into a pre-determined percentage


You control your NFTs. When minted, your NFTs are created right into your wallet and cannot be accessed by Sloika or anyone else.

Usage rights

Sloika continues to be the leader in offering a wide range of on-chain usage rights, which are now widely used by creators, from extended editorial to commercial licenses.

Assurance for collectors

You contract is not upgradeable, which means the metadata is frozen, and it provides assurances to collectors that a creator (or a malicious party) can’t arbitrarily change data or images, or add more NFTs into that contract in the future.

Optimized for gas

Additional advantage of the above is the most gas optimized contract, meaning you’ll pay 80-90% less to mint, and your collectors will pay 80-90% less to collect or re-list on secondary markets.

Optimized for liquidity

Once collected, collectors will be able to re-list an NFT on secondary markets without paying an initialization fee, allowing for more liquidity for artists and cost-savings to collectors.

Storage transparency

You are provided with IPFS link during minting, ensuring you have the resources to make your NFT truly permanent over time.

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