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Is there an expiry date for the listing of NFTs?
Is there an expiry date for the listing of NFTs?
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Yes. On Sloika, listings can be active for up to 6 months. You can renew the listing any time prior to expiration date for free, without any gas fees.

Your NFTs minted with Sloika are always in your control and in your wallet until you sell or transfer them.

However, any NFTs listed generally have an expiry date.

When the listing expires, you can freely move your NFTs anywhere — burn them, gift them, place on another platform. Renewing a listing is free, and you can do it anytime prior to the expiry date.

Note: Prior to your listing expiry, be on a lookout for an email from our team with your Sloika series details and a link to renew a listing. For security, before you sign any transactions, double check that you are on the Sloika website (

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