Sloika, OpenSea, Coinbase NFT, Rarible and other platforms all read (and write to) the Ethereum blockchain using a common NFT standard, which allows them to work with NFTs regardless of where they’re minted. In fact, most Ethereum-based NFT apps, websites, and marketplaces do this! Some highly-curated platforms may display assets very selectively, but others, like OpenSea or Rarible, will show all the assets in your wallet right away.

Auction information, on the other hand, is rarely shared: most marketplaces maintain their own auction standards and don’t always display each others’ data. For example, when you list your NFTs for sale on Sloika, OpenSea will not display the price or show a “buy” button. However, collectors may still place a custom bid on your NFTs on other platforms — feel free to accept it!*

*If you chose GACHA, randomized-style drop on Sloika, transferring or selling your NFTs outside of Sloika will impact order and availability. Since Sloika gives you full provenance, meaning control over assets is always with you, we can’t control if you choose to burn, transfer, or sell any NFTs you hold. We strongly encourage you to NOT do this.

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