On Sloika, each photo series comes with creator’s own smart contract. Smart contract is a piece of code, deployed on a blockchain, that governs important aspects of your work — such as who is the creator of the work, where royalty payment should be sent, etc.

As a part of this, every photo series is minted on a blockchain separately. You can create a token name, which is used to identify your NFTs in various platforms or wallets.

Such tokens are not unique in name, so the name can be repeated. However, the smart contract is unique. If you have bought or sold any PFPs (profile pictures), you are probably familiar with a token.

For example, Moonbirds have $MOONBIRD token, and Doodles have $DOODLE token. What it means for a creator that you can have your own token, same as multi-million dollar projects.

You can see the token on the Sloika series page:

And if you see the transactions on Etherscan, you can verify it on the contract page. Please note that tokens are not unique, and others can mint with the same token name, so you need to verify the contract address for a 100% confirmation.

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