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How does randomized Gacha work?
How does randomized Gacha work?
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Gacha is unique to Sloika. We developed this as a way to help photographers and collectors enjoy the process of collecting a bit more.

Gacha allows photographers to choose to set a randomized purchase. The collector will not know which exact piece they will get, but they are guaranteed to get one piece from the particular series with each purchase.

Gacha is a Japanese term for a game machine where one inserts a coin and guaranteed to get a gift, but which particular gift you’ll get is unknown.

What makes Gacha using blockchain unique is that not the photographer, not Sloika or its developers, not the collector can know which piece will go next. Because Gacha is build on a blockchain and the code is public for review, gacha is unique because there’s no way of self-dealing or cheating. Gacha is fair and impartial.

Because of this, the presentation of Gacha series is slightly different — every collector will see all pieces. To see which are still remaining in play, collector can visit “available” tab on Sloika or check Etherscan for transactions that have occured.

Side note: If you are creator and choose Gacha for your drop, please remember that it is governed by a smart contract. Like all other smart contracts, it has an expiration date (you can view the date during your minting process), and once it is expired you can choose to renew Gacha or set a fixed price. If your series has an active Gacha, please do not transfer, gift, or accept bids on other platforms.

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