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What methods of selling is available on Sloika?
What methods of selling is available on Sloika?
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Sloika offers several methods of selling your NFTs:


Editions are a photo series where a single photo is serialized into numbers. Instead of dropping a photo series that has variety of photos surrounding a theme, editions allow you to focus the collection on that single photo, with multiple editions for collectors to acquire.

On Sloika, editions are minted with an ERC721 token, and the benefit of that is that they can be numbered, like the limited prints in traditional photography.

How to get started making Editions on Sloika

  1. Carefully read over information in Onboarding

  2. Fill out the Google Form

    1. Under Photos, simply fill out the information for 1.jpg as it’ll be your serialized edition

  3. Upon completion, send the google form to the original “Welcome to Sloika!” acceptance e-mail with details outlining how many editions you would like in your series (Example: I’d like 17 Editions)

Successful Drops of Editions

Randomized GACHA

Collectors play gacha, a variation of a blind drop. All photos in the series can be seen, but a collector doesn't know which particular photo they will get. Best suited for photos with high variability of the traits.

Gacha data is stored on-chain, so setting up a Gacha listing requires gas fees. Creating a Gacha drop requires approximately 0.05 ETH.

Updating the details of an existing Gacha auction is currently not possible. If you need to change the price of a Gacha drop, you will need to create a new Gacha and pay the associated gas fee.

Note: If you chose GACHA, randomized-style drop on Sloika, transferring or selling your NFTs outside of Sloika will impact order and availability. Since Sloika gives you full provenance, meaning control over assets is always with you, we can’t control if you choose to burn, transfer, or sell any NFTs you hold. We strongly encourage you to NOT do this.

Fixed price for 1/1 series

All NFTs in the series are offered at a single price.

This is the most common and recommended way to release your series.

Copy and fill Photo Series form with information about your drop.

Variable price for 1/1 series

NFTs inside the single series can be offered at various prices.

This is less common and less recommended, as collectors might choose to not collect if the items within the series vary dramatically in price (ie, photos are priced from 0.1 to 0.5 ETH).

Copy and fill Photo Series form with information about your drop. You will be able to set the prices by yourself after the minting.

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