You probably heard about NFTs from the media. If you want to know a bit more, start with these videos below.

In short, NFTs are Non Fungible Tokens. This is a small piece of computer code that is designed to tell any system that it only exists in one copy.

This is like knowing that the real Mona Lisa is hanging in Louvre, while millions of people can have their poster or a print of the same Mona Lisa, without being fooled that they have a real thing.

To make sure everyone knows it’s the one and true copy, NFTs can only exist on a blockchain. Blockchain is a public ledger. Just like any accounting professional is familiar with credit and debit, blockchain is the evolution of that, making all these entries public (anyone can view or verify any transaction) and immutable (once the transaction was successfully made, it is impossible to undo it).

Blockchain exists because government quality cryptographic techniques became available to the public, and NFTs exists because blockchain became a popular method of storing valuable information (such as transactions).

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