How to buy your first NFT?
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You can feel a sense of ownership when you are buying art. To get started, buy a piece of art that you like and that is affordable.

To start collecting NFTs, you’ll need:

  • A digital wallet

  • A digital currency, in our case, Ethereum (ETH)

1. Get a digital wallet

You can create a digital wallet in many different ways. Here are some most common:

  • Metamask — works as a Chrome extension on desktop

    • ⚠️ Please note, never interact with anyone who claims to be a Metamask employee

    • ⚠️ Never share your seed phrase (secret phrase), and do not store it on a computer

  • Rainbow — works on iPhone or Android

Download and install them.

For example, in Rainbow, tap “Create a new wallet” and follow the instructions.

For Metamask, install the extension and follow the instructions.

Your wallet will have a long alphanumerical address like 0x...

Your secret phrase is 12 or 24 plain words in a particular order, anyone who knows these words and their order can access your account. Keep this information secure.

2. Purchase digital currency (ETH)

Most wallets, including Metamask and Rainbow, have a built-in way to add digital currency.

In Rainbow wallet, follow instructions to buy ETH directly inside the app. Average NFT on Sloika will cost around 0.1-0.25 ETH plus a gas fee, usually about 0.01 ETH.

3. Visit and pick an NFT to buy

Sloika is a curated photo marketplace. You can choose a perfect photo from hundreds of photographers who have been manually curated and onboarded, with each photographer carefully verified by the Sloika team.

Once you found a perfect photo you want to buy, click “Connect Wallet” at the bottom.

You can use any of the popular wallets. If you use Metamask (via Chrome Extension), it will pop up, so you can enter a password and connect to the website.

If it doesn’t pop up, click on the Metamask icon in your browser. You will need to sign a free transaction before you can buy any photos. When signing, please make sure you are on website!

If you use Rainbow or any other mobile wallet, after clicking on “Connect Wallet”, click on “WalletConnect”. It will present a QR code. Using your Rainbow app, inside the app, tap on the “scan code” icon on the top right and scan the QR code. You will need to tap “Connect” in the Rainbow app.

Once your wallet is connected, browse around and click on a “Buy” button when you found something you love.

If you use a mobile wallet, like Rainbow, you will need to confirm the transaction inside the app. If you use Metamask, a window popup will show up inside a browser to confirm the transaction (if it didn’t, tap on the Metamask icon in the browser).

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