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What to expect after you applied to Sloika?
What to expect after you applied to Sloika?
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It usually takes 2 weeks for the Sloika team to make a decision. If you are approved, you'll receive an email from a '' or '' address. Both are valid emails! Please check your spam folder!

If you are concerned about authenticity of the email, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or DM us at @sloikaxyz on Twitter.

While you are waiting, be proactive in the community — make new connections with the community on Discord, Telegram, and Twitter.

If you haven't heard from the Sloika team in about 4 weeks, you have not been selected based on your application. You may revise your application and resubmit after 3-4 weeks. It is not advised to re-apply with the exact same application as you originally submitted.

Other common questions we have received:

Does it matter how many followers I have?

We have approved applications from photographers who had less than 10 followers. Having said that, your activity on Twitter impacts your ability to stand out and share the story about yourself as an artist and your work. Generally more active community members have more success finding collectors for their work. We encourage you to find your tools that will help you share your story.

Should I submit the same work that is on Opensea?

Some photographers submitted their work they have on Opensea with an explicit mention that they will remove it from Opensea if accepted to Sloika. That is fine, as long as it doesn’t impact your collectors — removing pieces from a collection that had sales can impact your relationship with the collectors.

Should I mint my best work first?

Yes. We think that starting with your best, most impactful or recognizable work is the best way to start on Sloika. It is harder to get accepted on Sloika than it is on any other curated marketplace, such as SuperRare. Also, once you sell our your photo series, you will likely find more inspiration in doing new series.

Is an ENS really required?

ENS stands for Ethereum Name Service, a *.eth name that many photographers display on their social media. It is a requirement on Sloika to have an ENS name. We believe that in order to build a decentralized future of the creative ownership it is important to take concrete steps in that direction. ENS is one of these steps.

What are the types of work that are accepted?

We love all kinds of photography, and Sloika is proud to display everything from street genre, to macro photography, fashion, abstract, or landscapes. The best collections are diverse — showing similar style of works across variety of photo shoots. If all the photos are from a single photo shoot, it may end up looking boring. Best collections leverage photographer experience across several locations, subjects, etc.

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