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How to submit your first series with Sloika
How to submit your first series with Sloika
A step-by-step guide on getting started with minting your first series on Sloika!
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Once you are accepted to Sloika, following the application submission, you can get started by following these essential steps to submit your first Sloika series.

1. Create an ENS wallet address

ENS is short for Ethereum Name Service. It is a piece of code on the blockchain (a smart contract) that allows you to have a nice human-readable name for your wallet. The ENS will be used for your Sloika profile page (

You can register an ENS at ( )

For more information, you can follow the article guide we wrote How to create one?

2. Prepare your photo series

Secondly, you can begin to decide what type of series you would like to release on Sloika. There are 2 types of popular series that people utilize: Editions & 1/1 Series.

Editions: Serialized edition pieces of single photography work. Often, the prices for editions tend to be lower, meaning more collectors can participate in your drop.

1/1: artwork that is minted as a unique NFT. These are sometimes created on their own, and sometimes in a Series — a topical collection of unique artworks.

For more information, you can follow the article guide we wrote How to prepare?

3. Complete the form for your type of series

Once you feel ready you can begin to fill out and submit your series to Sloika. To fill out your own document you can begin to access the google form linked below while going to the file directory on the top left ( File → Make a copy). Following this, you should have access to your own google form that will let you fill out your details.

4. Submit your series

Once you've finished, It is important to review and finalize all writing by proofreading everything that has been written before submitting your series. No changes to the metadata is possible after minting is complete. When submitting, it is important to share the EDITOR ACCESS LINK for your google document forms.

5. Email it back to the team

Lastly, email the link to the completed application form back to us by replying to your welcome email (Subject "Welcome to Sloika").

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