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What are the costs and fees for minting and listing on Sloika
What are the costs and fees for minting and listing on Sloika

Costs for minting, listing, & gacha

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How much does it cost to mint (create) NFTs on Sloika?

On Sloika, a whole series (10-30 photos) might cost you about $15-50 USD total, or about $0.5-5 per NFT.

To list one photo on a similar platform, such as Foundation, might cost you 5 to 10 times more, between $10-30 USD per photo, depending on gas.

The difference in cost is because of Sloika's smart contract optimization. Sloika consistently has the lowest cost to mint a photo series from all the platforms available.

What is the Sloika marketplace fee?

The fee is 15% on primary and 0% on secondary sales.

What are the fees to list Sloika NFTs?

No gas fee is needed to list Sloika-minted NFTs using the "Buy now" method, regardless of the number of tokens listed, listing price or duration.

Changing the price or canceling a "buy now" auction will requires a gas fee, so we recommend setting a shorter duration on your "buy now" listings.

Gacha Randomized Drop

Gacha is a unique sales method available only on Sloika. All photos in the series can be seen, but a collector doesn't know which particular photo they will get — letting them buy into the series they like without having to pick a specific piece upfront.

Gacha data is stored on-chain, so setting up a Gacha listing requires gas fees. Creating a Gacha drop requires approximately 0.05 ETH.

Updating the details of an existing Gacha auction is currently not possible. If you need to change the price of a Gacha drop, you will need to create a new Gacha and pay the associated gas fee.

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