How to change minting address on Sloika
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1. Transfer any unsold NFTs to your new wallet address

2. Change the Royalty Wallet Address

  1. Open your series' contract on Etherscan, find and click on the Contract tab, then on "Write as Proxy".

    💁 Can't find your series' contract on Etherscan? "Write as Proxy" tab missing? Check out Interacting with your Sloika smart contract on Etherscan.

  2. Scroll down to the setRoyaltyInfo function and expand it.

  3. In the receiver_ field, paste the new wallet address.

  4. In the royaltyBps_ input, set royalty share as a part of 10 000 (basis points format). For 5%, set 500; for 10%, set 1000; for 15%, set 1500.

  5. Click “Write” & confirm the transaction in your MetaMask (or other wallet software).

  6. Once the transaction completes, the royalty amount and royalty destination address will be updated.

3. Transfer ownership for series smart contract

  1. Navigate back to Contract → Write as Proxy.

  2. Find the transferOwnership function and expand it.

  3. You will see a text field called “newOwner (address)”. Enter the new wallet address into the field.

  4. Click “Write” & confirm the transaction in your Metamask (or another wallet provider).

  5. Once the transaction completes, the contract ownership will be transferred to your new wallet address.

After finishing the transfer ownership and setting royalty info, you can contact [email protected] to notify us of the change, we'll provide a new link to re-list the series from your new wallet address.

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