Finding your series' contract on Etherscan

You can find a link to your Sloika smart contract on every photo page:

  1. Navigate to one of your photos on your Sloika series (example).

  2. Scroll down to the details section “Details”.

  3. Click “View Contract Source →” to open your smart contract's page on Etherscan (example).

Enabling interactions with your series' contract on Etherscan

Some interactions will require you to find the "Write as Proxy" tab on Etherscan. That tab may be missing if Etherscan hasn't fully analyzed your series' contract yet.

Follow these steps to enable the "Write as Proxy" tab for your contract:

  1. Under the Contract tab, click “More Options”, then “Is this a proxy?”. This will direct you to the Proxy Contract Verification page.

  2. After clicking Verify & Save the proxy contract address, click return to the address to navigate back to your smart contract.

  3. Under the Contract tab, click on “Write as Proxy” & connect your wallet address (Using Metamask, or other wallet providers) by clicking “Connect to Web3”. After connecting, the button should change to “Connected”.

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