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How to verify a Sloika team member
How to verify a Sloika team member
Help avoid scams and verify Sloika team members
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Our team may reach out to you from time to time from personal accounts.

To help verify these requests, you can always refer to this article or email us at [email protected] to confirm.

⚠️ Our team will never ask for password, seed phrase, or private keys.

⚠️ Our team will never ask for money, to send them ETH or any other tokens, etc.

⚠️ We have no token airdrops. If in any doubt, please contact us first.

Ev Tchebotarev, Co-founder & CEO

  • Twitter @tchebotarev

  • Discord tchebotarev.eth#9770

Pam Voth, Head of Creator Relations

  • Twitter @pamvoth

  • Discord Pam Voth#4765

Cavin Chang, Creative Operations

  • Twitter @nearop

  • Discord near#2447

Arseniy Ivanov, Co-founder and CTO

  • Twitter @freeatnet

  • Discord freeatnet#0001


Our emails end with or domain addresses.


Our main domain is

While we have other domains to help prevent cyber-squatting of similar looking domains, all our links should have (S L O I K A dot X Y Z) for any wallet-related transactions.

Updated: April 28, 2023

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