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Get Started: Create Profile and Submit Your Work
Get Started: Create Profile and Submit Your Work

Get started with Sloika — create profile, and complete the details of your photo series or an edition.

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1 — Create Profile

Create your profile on Sloika by clicking Connect Wallet on the top right of Sloika, signing in, and completing your profile: your name, avatar, biography, social links, email, and more.

Sloika homepage with Connect Wallet button at the top right of the page

2 — Submit Your Work

Pick a limited edition form or a 1/1 series form. You will be prompted to copy it to your account so you can edit it freely. Once filled, submit it to our team.


A limited edition of a single photo. Each copy is numbered and quantity is pre-determined.

Photo series

A cohesive collection of unique photos offered as 1/1's, usually with a unifying theme.

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